The basics

  • Who or what is Qmee?

    We're an entrepreneurial business set up with the idea that internet advertising could give something back. Our two founders spotted the opportunity to do something good for internet users, online businesses and charities. They spent a year building the Qmee service and technology around their idea and getting the right expertise and support in place to launch in 2012. We’re now a growing business that operates in the UK and the USA.

  • How do I sign up for Qmee?

    Go to our sign-up page and follow the three simple steps. You give us a few details, we check you’re a bona fide individual by emailing you a link to follow, you get the Qmee app with the click of a button.

  • How much do I earn by clicking on a Qmee result?

    It varies from a few cents (or pennies) to up to a dollar (or pound). The amount is shown in the top right hand corner of the ad.

  • Is there a limit to what I can earn?

    No there is no hard limit. We want to reward you as much as possible for your everyday searches when you choose a Qmee listing. We do look at your behaviour to make sure that you are using Qmee responsibly so that everyone can continue to enjoy our service.

  • What can I do to earn more?

    Qmee rewards genuine searches: you can’t cheat the system by clicking repeatedly on the same result or clicking from one to another quickly. You’ll build up your value to Qmee by using it as part of your normal online searching. So if you like the look of a result, click on it, explore the pages it leads you to and engage with the business. You’ll be a valued visitor.

  • How quickly does Qmee pay out?

    However you opt to empty your piggybank, we do everything in our power to get your earnings to you or your chosen charity right away. Usually money will appear in your Paypal account within a few minutes of you asking for it. (Banking hours, public holidays and systems outside Qmee’s control can sometimes cause a delay.)

  • What if I don’t have a Paypal account?

    Two choices. Either you can sign up for one – it’s free and doesn’t take long - or you can choose to spend your piggybank contents on charity donations.

  • Can I give money to any charity at all?

    We have a list of charities set up to receive Qmee donations. If your favourite isn’t here, let us know at support@qmee.com and we’ll get in touch to see if they’d like to join us.

  • Does Qmee take commission on donations to charity?

    No. Every penny you choose to give from your piggy bank will go directly to them.

  • What operating systems and browsers does Qmee work with?

    Qmee works in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer. Very old versions of your browser might not work, so you might want to consider getting up to date.

    We’re keeping an eye on demand for Qmee through other systems and browsers, so if you think we’re missing something, drop us a line to let us know.

  • Can I use Qmee on my mobile, smartphone, tablet, iPod or iPad?

    You can't see Qmee results but it’s a possibility in the future. We’re keeping an eye on demand, so let us know at support@qmee.com if you’d really like to see Qmee go mobile.

  • Is Qmee safe? Reassure me.

    We take your security and privacy very seriously. We encrypt all communications so that no-one can listen in. We encrypt your password on our servers so that it cannot be read by anyone it shouldn't be. We don't share your data with anyone else without your permission. By using Paypal to cash out your rewards we don't hold any of your financial information. We have written in more detail here. If you have specific questions let us know at support@qmee.com

  • Does Qmee change the search results I see?

    No. You still see exactly the same results from your usual search engine as anyone who doesn’t use Qmee. The only difference is that you see some extra ones that earn you money if you choose to click on them.


  • Why aren't any results showing?

    We only show results when we think we have something relevant to show you, so we won't appear every time. Qmee gives the best results when you are searching normally and clicking on links that interest you. This gives you the most rewards but also allows the businesses that list with us a chance to connect with you. We do look at your pattern of searches and clicks to determine whether to show you results or not and this changes over time as you use the service. If you are not seeing anything today, don't worry, when it sees you have settled down to a normal search pattern you will start to see results again.

  • How does Qmee make money?

    Businesses pay us to appear in our search results. This income is split between you (when you click on a listing) and us. Our portion covers the cost of our technology, staff, overheads and so on and contributes to our profits. We hope to use our profits to continue growing so we can offer more and better listings, develop our technology, attract even more web users, reward them more, give businesses a better experience and do more good for charity as well as keeping our investors happy. It’s a virtuous circle.

  • Where does the money I earn come from?

    Whenever you see sponsored or paid for listings in your ordinary search results, a business has funded them. It's exactly the same for your Qmee listings, except that we give you a share of the money they’ve paid, whenever you click on a Qmee result.

  • What will you do with information I give you?

    When you join Qmee, you agree to our information use and data protection policy as explained in our terms and conditions.

    As in everything we do, we’re honest and transparent about how we use your info. The only compulsory information you give us is your email address, which we use to let you know anything important about Qmee.

    If you tell us about your Paypal account, we only use it to transfer your earnings into when you choose to empty your piggybank.

    We'll keep track of what you click in Qmee and how much time you spend browsing pages linked from our listings. That'll also help us to target your listings better. Your statistics will be included in reports we share with business users, but they’ll be anonymous, so you won’t be identified.

    If you leave Qmee, we will remove as much information as we can about your account, but we do have to keep our record of what you clicked from Qmee and your rewards redemption.

  • How do you decide how much each of my clicks is worth?

    There are lots of factors. It will depend on how often you search and the kinds of searches you do, how often you click on results and how long you spend looking at pages when you’ve clicked on a listing. It also depends on how much a business wants to spend to show you a result.

  • Can I update my PayPal account details?

    We connect to your PayPal account ID, so you can update your PayPal account details on PayPal directly and it won't matter, you'll still receive your Qmee rewards. Just make sure the email you want to receive notifications on is set as your primary email in your PayPal account, then when we send you your rewards you'll get notified by PayPal on this email.

  • Can I change the PayPal account linked to my Qmee account?

    In order to make sure each of you get the right rewards, it's really important we know who people are when they cash out.

    For this reason, you can't unlink a PayPal account once you've linked it.

    Please make sure you link to the correct PayPal account when you first cashout.

  • What’s the catch? There’s no such thing as money for nothing…

    There isn't a catch. You don't change what you do, Qmee just changes what you get. In any case, you’re not getting money for nothing. You won't earn if you choose not to click on Qmee adverts. We fill your piggybank when you do something for us by picking one of our listings. And we only want you to do that when it’s relevant and useful.

  • How can I make my business appear in the Qmee results?

    If you’d like to add a listing for your business, product or service, let us know and we will be happy to tell you more about our service.

  • Can I come and work for you?

    We employ IT and customer service staff in the UK – if you’re interested in working for us, get in touch at jobs@qmee.com.