Customer Support

For help with common problems, have a quick read of our FAQ – you will probably find the answer in there.

If you have a query about your account, or something isn't working as it should be, you don't need to make a new account – just email us at :

Please make sure you email us from the email address of your Qmee account.

For your security and data protection please do not send us any unrequested personal information. We'll never ask you to share any personal information such as your telephone number, passwords, identity documents or your health status.

If your query is survey related, you'll need to include the survey ID number in your email (you can find this in your Recently Finished surveys on your dashboard).

Don't have a Qmee account but have a question? You can also use this email address to get in touch.

Is your query about something else?


Information on how to report a security vulnerability is on our Security page