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Prison Escape: Pin Puzzle

Earn up to $30.53!

Help Andy get out of prison by playing this pin puzzle game!

Earn a total of $30.53 when you download Prison Escape & complete steps 1-5 within 14 days of installing. Get a partial reward for completing each step, so you can complete up to any step to earn!

  1. Earn 35¢ when you collect 16,000 coins.
  2. Earn 68¢ when you collect 20,000 coins.
  3. Earn $1.77 when you collect 50,000 coins.
  4. Earn $8.85 when you collect 200,000 coins.
  5. Earn $18.88 when you collect 400,000 coins.

See if you can figure out which pins to pull so Andy can escape from prison!

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