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Galaxy Survivor 3D: Back Home

Earn up to $36.45!

Simple and easy control of a character who is able to build, collect, defend! Try it now!

Earn a total of $36.45 when you download Galaxy Survivor 3D: Back Home & complete steps 1-7 within 14 days of installation. Get a partial reward for completing each step, so you can complete up to any step to earn!

  1. Earn 2¢ when you Install the app.
  2. Earn 19¢ when you collect 5,000 coins.
  3. Earn 58¢ when you collect 10,000 coins.
  4. Earn $1.15 when you collect 50,000 coins.
  5. Earn $3.84 when you collect 70,000 coins.
  6. Earn $9.59 when you collect 100,000 coins.
  7. Earn $21.09 when you collect 300,000 coins.

Only in your power to save the last tree on Earth!

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