Earn Money for Playing Games!


Earn Money for Playing Games!

If you fancy earning some extra money from home, Qmee is the place to go! First off, we have some great paid surveys, where you can earn some extra cash for answering questions. But, if you fancy something a bit different, you can get paid to play games with some of our amazing gaming offers!

We like to keep our gaming offers fresh, so if any of these offers aren’t available right now, you can check out all our latest and greatest games on our ‘Gaming‘ tab!


Android users in the US can earn money for playing MyJackpot with Qmee! With MyJackpot you have insanely fun Vegas slot machines & great casino games right at your fingertips!

Bingo Party – Lucky Bingo

Are you feeling super lucky?! Well, this is the game for you! Download & play to the required level of Bingo Party – Lucky Bingo to earn some cashback with Qmee! Both Android and iOS users in the US can take part in this offer.

Smash Party – Hero Action Game

Calling all Android users in the US! Can you keep the peace in the city with your elite hero squad? Well, time to find out by playing Smash Party, plus, earn cashback! Head to Smash Party – Hero Action Game to start playing.


Chilling out, but want to make money from your couch? Matchscapes can help you wind down after a long day with some great puzzles! iOS users in the US can find Matchscapes on Qmee!

If none of these games really catch your attention, don’t worry – we have plenty more where that came from. Head to our ‘Gaming’ tab to check out all the latest gaming offers which you can do to earn a little extra cash in your piggybank!