Reasons why you don’t qualify for all surveys


Reasons why you don’t qualify for all surveys

We know how frustrating it is when the survey providers decline your survey because you haven’t qualified – especially after answering several questions; it often makes people wonder if their answers are being used when they’re not being paid!

There are several reasons why you may not have qualified for a survey, but the first thing you should know is if your answers don’t fit what the survey provider is looking for, then they can’t reward you for that survey. However, we aim to offer bonus rewards for surveys you don’t qualify for when we can see you’ve spent time in the survey.

The second thing you should know is if you don’t qualify for a survey, none of the information you give can be kept or used by the survey provider (or by us).

Take a look at these scenarios that often occur that would result in you not qualifying for a survey…

1. You get declined from a survey after spending up to five minutes answering questions. For an example, the survey provider is looking for 30-year-old single females, from New York, that go to the movies at least once a month, and saw Star Wars in theatres last week. You may be 30, you may be from New York, you might be a single female, and you may go to the movies once a month, but you may not have seen Star Wars last week. In this case, you may spend several minutes answering background questions on the survey before you get declined. In this situation, you do not fit the specific qualifications for the survey provider is looking for.

2. You immediately get declined from a survey. For example, you enter your age, race, income and marital status and then get disqualified from the survey. So there may have been a number of slots for each marital status group, and while the survey was still open, your particular marital status group slot was filled. In this situation, the survey was filled for your particular demographic.

3. You get declined from a survey after spending over five minutes answering questions. This can happen for several reasons but it’s usually because you weren’t concentrating properly on the survey. Many survey providers have techniques to detect whether you’re really engaged and taking the survey seriously – if they don’t feel you are, they may abruptly decline you at any time. Here are a few examples of survey quality control scenarios…

  • Question number 4 said “Answer C for this question”. But you chose answer D. You aren’t reading the questions properly.
  • The survey should have taken 7 minutes to get to question 12, but you got there in 2 minutes. You were speeding through the survey.
  • The survey asked “Did you go to the theatre last week?”. Your answer was yes. Then they ask “How many times did you go to the theatre last week” and your answer was none. Your answers are inconsistent/illogical.

These are just a few reasons and examples for why you may get declined from a survey but the bottom line is that not qualifying for every survey is completely normal (although often frustrating), but it should not discourage you from taking more surveys.

If you come across any technical errors with your survey, please make sure you get in touch with our Support team ( – just send them the survey’s ID, the issue you’ve had and any screenshots you’ve taken and they’ll be more than happy to help.

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