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Earn up to £6.35!

Can you make a success out of the new cinema?!

Earn a total of £6.35 when you download Cinema Business & complete steps 1-6 within 30 days of installing. Get a partial reward for completing each step, so you can complete up to any step to earn!

  1. Earn 3p when you finish Classic Cinema.
  2. Earn 10p when you finish Outdoor Cinema.
  3. Earn 19p when you finish Purple Cinema.
  4. Earn £1.27 when you purchase 'God Slayer Pack'.
  5. Earn £2.54 when you purchase 'Gems 200'.
  6. Earn £2.22 when you purchase 'Mega Pack'.

Hire, build & expand your cinema business!

Reward amounts are approximate (see terms).

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